New songs and new recordings on the way - we've just about done with some lo-tech home recordings that sound pretty interesting so could become an EP very soon. Send us a message to get on the e-mail list and we'll let you know what, when and where. bigbend@quicksandstudio.com

Past shows...
Hemlock 12/9/05
Make Out Room 11/13/05
33 Grand Gallery 10/14/05
Cafe DuNord 10/11/05
Bottom of the Hill 9/26/05
Old Movie Theater, Crocket 9/24/05
Madrone 8/24/05
12 Galaxies 7/7/05
Minna Gallery 5/12/05
Dolores Park Cafe 3/4/05
Stork Club 2/24/05
Red Devil Lounge 2/17/05
Hotel Utah 8/15/04
Mount Diablo 7/16/04